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Rehearsals of Out at Sea (why I’m amazed each time)

April 2, 2009

I am absolutely amazed every rehearsal that people (understand ‘actors’) not only show up but they also memorize their lines just like they were told to, bring with them good amount of positive energy and are willing to push their own safe boundaries yet another inch further. Boundaries of safe acting that is. (Safe acting is the one that leaves everyone lukewarm, on the stage and off.) I am so glad we found people who are willing to take the risks of discovering how to push those boundaries.

So yes, these adults with jobs, families, worries, other projects going on… they just come and work on something that has a pretty vague shape right now. They trust me that I know why I trust them that the final shape will be simple, pure and clean yet intricate enough to capture our audiences’ minds for more than just a performance.

The fact that 5 people choose to be tortured by a director couple of nights a week instead of resting their feet by the TV signifies that the TV is not such a strong media after all and some TV audience members are slipping. It gives me hope that theater is not yet dead. It gives me hope that we might have some audience coming to our shows too…

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  1. kpunk permalink
    April 5, 2009 9:21 am

    This just fills my heart with enormous amounts of glee!

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