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Painting Party

April 22, 2009

The Gods keep you, Adam Murphy.

Adam is the first intern Geneva13 has had. He’s awesome. What a guy. Even though Headless Sullivan Theater and Geneva13 share nothing in common except it’s the same people that created both, Adam shows up to help out with our big HST painting party this past Saturday.

It was a party of two, plus Gabrielle Plucknette from the Finger Lakes Times, there to witness and document the community coming together for it’s newest aburdist theater. So Adam and I did our best to look legion.

It was probably not a very good time for a painting party, so I’m not complaining at all. Geneva has always supported Geneva13 and I have no doubt it’ll come out for HST. And Adam and I had a great time. The Lesson stage was painted black, and the Out at Sea stage was painted, well, check out the images and see for yourself. It was a long party–I spent 6 hours there.

But it looks really, really cool!

Stencils are my new best friend...

Stencils are my new best friend...

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