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Two Puppet Plays (for kids of all ages)

October 1, 2009

Bunnyfish Collage2
First up, puppet shows for families. We got lots of inquiries about Two Absurdities in the spring, people wondering if they could bring their kids. Since the plays featured implied cannibalism, psychological terror, a knife killing and a stolen election, we figured it wasn’t so kid-friendly. Our standard line was that if your child was 12 and was reading Sartre, then maybe it would be appropriate. There were no kids in the audience. But we heard the call, and Headless Sullivan is putting on some truly family-friendly programming (we promise!)

Two Puppet Plays (for kids of all ages) will play on Saturday, October 17th at 10am and Sunday, October 18th at 2pm, and then again the following weekend: Saturday, October 24th at 10am and Sunday, October 25th at 2pm. All performances at our theater, 427/429 Exchange Street, Geneva.

Tickets are $3 per person, sold at the door.

The performance will occur on our new hand-made puppet stage.

Ama and the Bunnyfish by Doug Reilly (from the Brothers Grimm) and Squirrel Nutkin by Charles King (from Beatrix Potter), along with some Sundry and Related Skits, Gags and Intermission Amusements (including a way your child can contribute to the next Headless Sullivan poster!)

We’ll have more posts soon on the plays!

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