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Pugilist Specialist Update!

December 31, 2009

The cast and crew (and the lowly producer) have been hard at work at staging Adriano Shaplin’s Pugilist Specialist. We have a great cast that draws from both the Hobart and William Smith and Geneva communities, a fact that we are really proud of, and we’re gearing up for opening night. Tickets will go on sale on Monday, January 4th at Area Records here in Geneva. Yes, you can buy them at the door, but remember in the Spring, we sold out our last few nights and had to turn eager theatergoers away. So plan accordingly.

Publicity is one of the things producers (well, in this case, anyway) have to do, and I spent a good chunk of today creating a small poster to go along with our giant ones in the window of Headless Sullivan. Then, I waded through five different regional newspaper’s event submission forms, essentially repeating the following blurb, now printed directly and in its entirety for you:

Four Marines are on a mission of assassination, but who is the target? Headless Sullivan Theater Presents “Pugilist Specialist”: January 29th, 30th and February 4th, 5th and 6th at 8pm at the Headless Sullivan Theater, 427 Exchange Street. Tickets sold at the door and in advance at Area Records in Geneva.

Here’s the slick new letter-size poster, coming to a window near you, soon:

Our newest poster, collect them all...

If you want to downlaod the pdf, make copies, and send them to all those people who suffered through your Christmas letter, here’s a link to do that:



Here are some rehearsal images:





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